Sunday, March 17, 2013

One more tip "xrandr + mencoder"

I hope that you never try to do something like this, but this kind of help should be useful when you trying to replace a resolution(forcing), So, you thinking about when this kind of commands will be necessary ? The answer is  "almost never" only in situations that you are working with desktop customizations by scripts or trying to release a "ThinkClient" you will really know what I'm talking about.

First create a resolution :
# xrandr --newmode "1680x1050_60.00"  146.25  1680 1784 1960 2240  1050 1053 1059 1089 -hsync +vsync

Add the resolution to be listed by command "xrandr" :
# xrandr --addmode VGA1 1680x1050_60.00

Final step, setting the resolution :
# xrandr -s 1680x1050 --current

Oh, before I forget !!!!!

One more useless information, if you want to "cut" an interval of movie by CLI, try "mencoder" :

# yum install mencoder (Fedora, RHEL, CentOS and SL)
# rpm -qf $(which mencoder)

# mencoder -ovc copy -endpos 02:55 video.m4v -o video-cuted.m4v

As soon as possible, I'm gonna show how to setup OpenLDAP "Multi-Master" ....

Thanks to visit!

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