Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mouse Logitech M35 - Wireless (RHEL 7 Desktop)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (tip)

Enabling Mouse M35 Wireless (Logitech) on RHEL 7 Desktop,  this kind of mouse isn't supportable in the Linux OS*, but there is an alternative to use:

* All that you need as requirement to install 'ltunify' is 'gcc' installed.

Getting client called "ltunify":

# cd /tmp ;  git clone
# make install-home

After that the binary will be installed "$HOME/bin"

# $HOME/bin/ltunify list

While execute this step turn off/turn on your mouse
# $HOME/bin/ltunify pair
Checking status:

# $HOME/bin/ltunify list
Devices count: 1
Connected devices:
idx=1    Mouse    M325

# $HOME/bin/ltunify info 1

HID++ version: 2.0
Device index 1
Name: M325
Wireless Product ID: 400A
Serial number: 59F8495A

Just that, PAIRED!

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