Saturday, September 6, 2014

V2V - RHEV from (Vmware 5.5 with Windows/Linux Guests)

First of all we need fit all of the requirements to deploy 'virt-v2v':

- 1 x Server/Host apart with RHEL 6.5/KVM/virt-v2v x86_64 (installed) with virtualization kernel support  that means cpu flags 'vmx|svm' could be a Physical Server if Virtual(certified that held nested virtualization)

- A common area where you reside on NFS virtual machine to maneuver it should in this mapped as RHEV (Storage EXPORT / NFS), for this case we use the local(v2v) server.
At this point it is important to get an idea of ​​size in 'hard' virtual machine, to measure the size of the NFS partition correctly.

- Segmented VLAN for better performance in the bandwith, because v2v runs over network tcp/ip

# yum update -y
# shutdown -r now (only if kernel was updated)
# yum install libguestfs-winsupport virtio-win  virt-v2v -y

Create a file with following instructions:

# vi $HOME/.netrc
machine login root password s3cr3t


# virt-v2v -ic esx://X.X.X.X/?no_verify=1 -o rhev -os <NFS_SERVER_LOCAL>:/v2v --network rhevm <GUEST_NAME>

** Is important mentioned that virt-v2v goes to the vmware ESX hypervisor to get the vm guest.

In the end, goes to the RHEV-M portal >> Storage >> Select NFS/Export >> Click bellow in the guest that will be imported. 



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