Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mounting basic filesystem's for RHEL7 troubleshooting

Mounting basic 'fs' to realize Linux troubleshooting in the rescue/recovery/maintenance mode, RHEL>7, CentOS>7.
When grub pop-up set up the kernel to initialize in single mode(1), editing the 'vmlinuz' line adding 'init=/sysroot/bin/bash'.

Bellow all the fs should be mounted to help in the maintenance mode, before 'chroot' the root fs "/".

# mount -t proc none /sysroot/proc
# mount -t sysfs none /sysroot/sys
# mount -t devtmpfs none /sysroot/dev
# mount -t devpts none /sysroot/dev/pts
# mount -t tmpfs none /sysroot//dev/shm
# mount -t tmpfs none /sysroot//run

And then 

# chroot /sysroot/



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