Monday, April 30, 2018

Importing notes from Gnome Gnote to Evernote "finally" notes moving to the Cloud

Good news!! 

Finally, I'm posting an excellent news about how to convert xml notes (.note) from Gnome Gnote  for Linux "Users" and import it to "evernote" and don't miss already notes from Desktop/PC, easy way without many complications. 

So, let's share:

Basically, you need at least python, python-devel, python-pipJust a reminder, 
I tested it on RHEL 7.4 (any RHEL like would be compatible, hope so).

# yum install python python-devel python-pip

Yum gonna resolve all deps, ;-) and then.

# pip install -r requirements.txt
# mkdir export/
# python <tomboy-dir>

in my case example:

# python /home/rda/.local/share/gnote

- Reference with the python scripts:

Ualah, take a look in the "export" directory you should have all of your files converted to the Evernote format ".enex", So, open your Evernote app in your PC and File >> Import these files from the Directory, easy.

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